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Who We Are

Four Oaks, a non-profit child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health agency founded in 1973 and headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, offers services to children and families in all 99 Iowa counties. Four Oaks services are focused on and rooted in the family. We empower children and families to achieve stability, self-sufficiency and permanence. Services can be divided into three categories: TREATMENT (residential treatment for children with psychiatric and behavioral disorders), INTERVENTION (programs provide community collaborations such as alternative school programming, foster care and adoption services, and criminal justice services) and PREVENTION (covers programs such as Cornerstone and the Four Oaks Dummermuth Intergenerational Center, to name a few). | In November 1973, the founding members of Four Oaks had a vision of helping children in need. They began fulfilling that vision by opening a small cottage in Bertram, Iowa. The house was called "Boys Acres" and they made a difference in the lives of ten young boys between the ages of 10 and 15. As the years progressed the name was changed, services expanded to cover females so a move to the Smith Center was necessary for accommodations. Today, Four Oaks serves over 5,000 individuals a year and covers all 99 counties of Iowa. While Four Oaks has grown into a large, multi-layered service agency, it still maintains the same commitment to help children grow into caring, competent and responsible adults.

What We Do

Four Oaks carries out its mission to ?assure children become successful adults? by providing holistic prevention, intervention and treatment programs and services. With support from community partners, Board members, donors, volunteers and staff, Four Oaks? ?Expect Success? vision is achievable.


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