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Who We Are

Our agency serves as a resource for people in crisis through a youth shelter, crisis center, independent living support and Mobile Crisis Outreach for Linn County. We offer a 24-hour crisis hotline (319-362-2174); support groups for persons with depression and/or anxiety and for adults and youth who have lost a loved one to suicide; support for those with active thoughts of suicide;  and individual, group and family counseling and therapy.  Foundation 2 was established in 1970 by an "anti-establishment" group of Coe College and Kennedy High School students to provide a place where youth in need could feel comfortable and understood. No longer an anti-establishment organization, Foundation 2 expanded to include a youth shelter; which today is a 17-bed facility. Crisis services for all ages were expanded to provide a crisis hotline service to all of Eastern Iowa;  support groups, and mobile crisis outreach for on-site crisis intervention. Independent living programs, designed to provide housing, skill building and support services to young adults were also developed. Upon the groundwork built by the crisis center so many years ago, we continue to meet our mission to be a trusted, compassionate resource for people in crisis.

What We Do

Foundation 2 is a not-for-profit human service agency that offers crisis prevention and intervention programs to people of all ages. We are committed to positive youth development, suicide prevention, and helping build the foundation for stronger and healthier families and safer communities for everyone. It is Foundation 2's mission to be a trusted, compassionate resource for people in crisis by offering counseling, safety, and support during difficult times.